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  • Are you a passionate IT professional with 7+ years of experience?
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  • Do you want to gain Leadership Confidence and Mindset?
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If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you will truly enjoy the club.

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Join Us to Master Three Domains for Ultimate IT Leadership Journey

Technology Management

Learn to build business capabilities with technologies and manage IT portfolios to improve business performance.

Leadership Skills

Learn to lead people for efficiency and innovation and manage stakeholders and projects for effective outcomes.

Business Acumen

Learn the business acumen and strategic language to create and deliver value to customers and business partners.

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Discover a proven system to develop the skills needed to become an IT Manager / Director / CIO - without trying to figure this out alone!

Develop the skills to get the recognition and earn what you know you’re worth.

Avoid staying stuck any longer in the position you’re currently in, and skyrocket your career to new heights!

Where Our Club Alumni Work: 


I am Raj Polanki

In the past, as an individual contributor, I struggled for years to progress in my career. Many times, I wished for someone to guide me, but I learned the skills the hard way.

Now, I am a successful CIO of a US company and leading IT Strategy, Operations and Digital Transformation; I have MBA from Ross Business School and Advanced Executive Certificate from MIT Sloan. In addition, I also have a bunch of industry-proven certifications. I am also a member of Forbes Technology Council and many other CIO Councils, author and keynote speaker.

Along with my partners, I am committed to helping passionate professionals to make their careers to the top.


You are not alone.

Future CIO Club is more than on-demand lessons and also a community to nurture and coach you in your journey

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