Four Aspects of Risk Management

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Four Aspects of Risk Management

Risk management is the method of understanding the severity of the risk and present opportunities. It has a high impact on a project and organization. It also consists of different responses and solutions to deal with any upcoming risk. There are four aspects of risk management are: 

  • Identifying Risk
  • Assess Risk
  • Manage Risk
  • Monitor Risk

These four aspects play a key role in risk management. Keep reading this article to learn more about these aspects.

Aspects of Risk Management

Risk management is divided into four aspects. You can accomplish your task efficiently if you manage your suspected risk by following these aspects. Let's learn about the step by step.

Aspect #1: Identifying Risk

Identifying the event is one of the major steps in risk management. These risks are characterized by their description, root cause, consequences, and proper assessment. Identifying the one responsible for its action and reaction is also important.

Once after identifying the risk, you have to see the severity of the risk or something that can be overlooked. This is an important step as you examine the probability of the risk and prioritize your management skills to resolve it.

Aspect #2: Assess Risk

Risk assessment can be qualitative or quantitative. When you want to analyze the severity and level of criticality based on the event's impact, you go for qualitative assessment. On the other hand, quantitative assessment analyzes the financial impact or loss that an organization or company has to bear.

These assessments are extremely important for comprehensively evaluating all the risks and their impact on the organization.

Aspect #3: Manage Risk

After the identification and assessment, the most important is risk management. However, there are 4 ways to manage risk after a brief assessment. They are:

  • Accept: A risk that won't cause any harm or injury to the business can be accepted.
  • Avoid: A danger that can damage the business in the future can be avoided. That depends on the assessment of the risk.
  • Transfer: Certain risks can also be transferred to another party if they can take and handle the responsibility, for instance, insurance companies that can easily receive the risks.
  • Reduce: Understand all the activities carefully and find out their root cause. Eliminate them to reduce and manage the risk efficiently.

Aspect #4: Monitor Risk

Risk management doesn't involve single activity, but it's an ongoing procedure. Monitoring risk can reduce the occurrence of risk in the first place. It is important to closely monitor all the project risks and add new ones. This will enlighten past mistakes, and you will avoid them in the upcoming project.


Through these 4 aspects of risk management, you can easily identify, assess and manage the risk. You will be more aware and cautious of all the points that can go wrong and identify them quickly. Moreover, you can reduce and avoid such mistakes that can risk your business reputation with the help of these aspects.

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