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1. Ultimate IT Leadership Training Program

($1200 value) 

The Ultimate IT Leadership is a unique training course that helps IT Professionals, Managers, and Consultants improve their technology, management, and leadership skills in 90 days without frustration, tech overwhelm, or confusion so they can become an IT Leader / Director / CIO
  • Signature Course with more than 10 hours and 75 sessions content
  • Foundation phase with IT Leadership role and responsibilities for business and IT Organization
  • Technology Management with IT Plan (Strategy and Portfolio), IT Build (Projects and Products) and IT Run (Services and Operations)
  • Leadership Path starting with self-mastery and human skills and then ends with path to the top steps

2. Digital Transformation  Training Course

($900 Value)

This Master Course with well-crafted 27 lessons and 3 hours of content to help you improve your knowledge of Digital Trends, Strategy, and Digital Transformation Projects Portfolio. Modules covered - 

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Digital Economy and Trends
  3. Digital Technologies
  4. Digital Transformation Journey
  5. Digital Strategy and Portfolio
  6. Digital Foundation Initiatives
  7. Digital Transformation Projects
  8. Digital Innovation
  9. Summary and Next Steps

3. Data Analytics Fundamentals

Data Management and Analytics knowledge will help you shine and get the recognition you deserve by your leaders. 
  • Learn about Big Data and 5 V's that makes it Big data
  • Learn Data Architecture including purpose of data warehouse / data lake
  • Gain knowledge of Data Management including data life cycle and data governance
  • Learn about the importance of data visualization and dashboards for Business Intelligence
  • Learn about the types of Analytics - Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

4. Strategy Language for IT Leaders

  • Want to talk like a Senior Leader and get recognized?
  • Learn the leadership strategy language under 60 minutes
  • Immediately apply the language in your day-day discussions
  • Showcase you are ready for the IT Leadership (Manager / Director / CIO) Job or promotion you deserve 

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Managers

  • Learn about what is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI ML)
  • Learn real-world use cases of AI ML in consumer scenarios and industries
  • How Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation are centered around AI
  • Types of AI - Vision, Text / Natural Language Processing (NLP), Analytics and Interactive AI
  • Role of Data Scientist and Machine Learning in Advanced Analytics

6. Cloud Computing and Cloud Strategies 

  • First, look at the Cloud computing basics on how the cloud is different from on-prem

  • Then, understand the cloud service types and cloud hosting types

  • Next, understand the Cloud First Strategy and how it can enable the business

  • Also, learn more about cloud migration strategies and options to use the cloud

  • Learn about leading cloud providers, including a comparison sheet

  • Finally, you will see the cloud challenges and cloud management factors

7. Sound Smart and Sound Strategic - Lead Business Transformation Projects

  • Do you want to get instantly recognized by your leaders?
  • Questions to help any business transformation initiative or a project
  • Sound Smart and Sound Strategic with Seven Powerful Questions
  • Lead teams with productive discussions
  • 1.5 Hour course with details transformation stages including a case study

8. Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IoT): 2-in-1

  • Learn about Automation types in the physical world and digital world

  • Learn about the importance and impact of Automation in the digital era

  • Learn about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) types - Attended and Unattended Automation Bots

  • Learn about RPA implementation steps including top vendors and use cases

  • Learn about Internet of Things (IoT) fundamentals and architecture

  • Learn about edge computing and IoT Usecases




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