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Master Strategy Language for IT Leaders  

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Leadership Language

Strategy language differentiates a leader from an individual contributor and it is a universal.

Business or IT Projects

Use Strategy language in any project or business transformation initiatives immediately. 

IT Leadership Career

Talk strategy, your leaders will recognize your readiness for the leadership work.

Main Takeaways From the Course

  • The top-down view of the Business Strategy 

  • Difference between Strategy vs. Tactical vs. Operational

  • Strategy Development differs from day-to-day operational work 

  • Business Strategy cascades to IT Strategy  and Project portfolios

  • Strategic Management differs from Project Management 


I am Raj P Varada, CIO

When I was an individual contributor, I struggled for years to progress in my career. Many times, I wished for someone to guide me, but I learned the skills the hard way.

Now, I am the CIO of a global manufacturing company for the US division and leading their digital transformation; I have MBA from Ross Business School and Advanced Executive Certificate from MIT Sloan.

I am committed to helping passionate professionals to make their careers to the top.

About Me

Sound Strategic and Sound Smart! 

No matter what level you are at present, learning this Strategy language makes you more valuable in your team and department. You can use this language in your day-to-day meetings; you can ask questions that sounds so smart and thoughtful and gives you the immediate recolonization you seek. 

Seven Powerful Questions

Learn seven strategic power questions that can be used in planning sessions or project meetings. You will also see a case study example of a Furniture company and how these seven questions can be applied to the challenge the company is facing with customer satisfaction.

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"Loved it, helped me to see the linking of business strategy and IT Strategy"


"Awesome and Simple framework to follow"


"Now, I got better clarity on what my boss was talking about strategy"

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