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Powerful Questions are part of Leadership Language 

Not many professionals know how to involve in the discussions and ask meaningful questions to showcase their skills and contribute to the meetings.

  • Seven Smart questions framework will help you sound intelligent. 
  • With the right questions, show your leadership acumen to your peers and your leaders.
  • Questions enable great discussions among the team members.
  • Questions bring clarity to all stakeholders and uncover any assumptions.

Every company is going through business transformation with projects and programs to serve their customers better. Now you can shine like a proven leader in the discussions.

Learn how to ask the right questions to get the answers you need and sound smart in any situation.

You will thank yourself for taking an action

Within less than 15 minutes, you will learn a powerful leadership language and gain the ability to ask the right questions for any business transformation or project. 

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I am Raj V Polanki, CIO

When I was an individual contributor, I struggled for years to progress in my career. Many times, I wished for someone to guide me, but I learned the skills the hard way.

Now, I am the CIO of a global manufacturing company for the US division and leading their digital transformation; I have MBA from Ross Business School and Advanced Executive Certificate from MIT Sloan.

I am committed to helping passionate professionals to make their careers to the top.


Discover the power of strategic questions and become a more effective leader.