A leading CIO with 25 years of professional IT experience reveals…

How to fast track your IT career and become an IT Manager to IT Director to CIO ...

Even if you currently have no leadership experience in managing teams or MBA


Start Leveling Up Your IT Career Now

What is the #1 factor that separates low-level IT workers scraping the bottom of the corporate barrel…


… and those IT professionals who lead teams and become CIO-s in record time?

If you guessed:

Their technical skills…

Or their education and number of certificates…

Or even the amount of experience they have working in the field…

You’d be wrong.

Sure, the things above are important.

But the fact is, none of these things matter if you don’t master something I like to call the “Leadership Language”...

Because from what I’ve seen from my own 25 year career and from the careers of other IT professionals – those who do master the “Leadership Language” become IT leaders and CIO-s in record time…

While those who don’t improve in this area stay stuck in the same IT position for years – even if they have a lot of experience and really good technical skills.

But before I go on and explain exactly what the “Leadership Language” is and how to learn it, I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself and why you should listen to me…

See, I was in the same position you’re in right now…




My name is Raj P. Varada, and I’m a CIO of a global manufacturing company with 25 years of experience in IT.

But before leveling up to IT leadership, and ultimately becoming a CIO – I struggled for many years…

For a very long time, I was just a regular IT worker…

And even though I was gaining experience in IT… my career wasn’t progressing.

I was stuck.

So what did I do?

I tried improving the level of my education.

I got certified in many different areas in IT and even got an MBA from a prestigious university…

But even with all those things… my career still wasn’t progressing.

So one day, after I had enough of staying stuck in the same place, I asked myself:

“What do the people above me know that I don’t?”

Why are they so much further up in their careers – even though we have the same technical knowledge in IT?

And that is when I realized that something completely else was needed to climb the corporate ladder:

Leadership Skills


So I started observing those who were leaders in IT, in my own company and other companies…

And after years of doing this and gathering information, I pin-pointed the 3 vital areas where IT leaders – and all other leaders for that matter – excel over everyone else.

These 3 areas constitute what I now call the “Leadership Language”...

And only by mastering these 3 key areas did I finally start leveling up, ultimately becoming a CIO of a global manufacturing company.

What are the 3 areas that are vital to mastering the “Leadership Language?”

What exactly does it take to learn the “Leadership Language” – and become the IT leader all the other workers look up to?

Here are the areas:

Area #1: The business you work for

In order to demonstrate your value to your boss and others in the company, it’s vital that you first understand the business you work for.

You must be 100% confident that what you’re presenting is the best solution for everyone involved…

And that’s impossible to do without a deep understanding of how the company operates.

Which leads us into the next area…

Area #2: The IT organization of the business

Once you understand how the company is structured, it’s time to level down to understanding the actual IT department you’re working in.

How is it organized? What are the current IT leaders doing right or doing wrong? How can your department provide more value to the business users and customers?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask to get this understanding…

And only by answering these questions will you be able to start bringing more value to your IT department and level-up to become an IT leader.

Which leads us to the next, and the final area of the equation…

Area #3: The people you work with

As an aspiring IT leader, you’ll be in contact with a lot of people.

Business users, executives, business leaders, IT Team members, external customers…

And because you’ll be working with so many people at the same time, your main task will be understanding what these people actually want.

And more importantly, you will have to understand how to give them what they want – so they realize the value you’re bringing to the company.

These 3 areas are key for mastering the “Leadership Language” and becoming an IT leader…



Without getting them right, it’s impossible to level up as an IT professional…

But if you do master these 3 areas – others will notice and start looking up to you for leadership…

And you’ll be able to get that promotion sooner than you even thought possible.

Now, personally I had no one to teach me all this…

So I had to master it through a long period of trial-and-error – even staying in the same IT position for years at a time…

And without the “Leadership Language”, I’m sure I still wouldn’t be a CIO – even after 25 years working in IT…

So for that reason, I want to teach other IT professionals the information I’ve learned over the years on how to level-up their careers.

Because I was in the same position you’re in right now, and I know how hard it is to advance.

That is why I took the time to package everything I learned over the years into a framework that any IT professional can use to level up their IT career in record time.


“Ultimate IT Leadership”

The “Ultimate IT Leadership” is a comprehensive course for IT workers on any level to fast track their career and become a CIO-s as fast as possible.

It gives you all the needed tools and steps so you can demonstrate your value and get that promotion in the company you work for – no matter what level you’re at right now.

Inside The Ultimate IT Leadership you’ll find 75+ value-packed training videos spread across 5 easy-to-follow sections.



The Role and Responsibilities of a CIO

To start off, we first must discover what exactly a CIO does.

What are the skills needed, expectations, and responsibilities of a CIO?

In this section, you’ll discover:

👉 The #1 trait all CIO-s have in common – and why it is so important

👉 6 vital responsibilities every CIO has in an organization

👉 The P.E.S.R. method for staying cool and managing unplanned situations as an IT professional

👉 Applying for a CIO role? You need to know how to answer these 10 interview questions

👉 The “Skill Triangle” every IT professional must know before becoming a CIO



Understanding the “Top-To-Bottom” of a Business

Now that we know what the CIO role exactly is, we can move to understanding the business better.

Because if you don’t understand the business you work for, you won’t be able to contribute the most value possible to those around you.

You’ll learn:

👉 Why IT is vital for any business structure – and how you can show that to others in your company

👉 Which type of organization structure does your company use? Find out in the 4th video lesson of this course section

👉 How IT professionals can use the “Business Model Canvas” to better understand the company they work in

👉 The “Sustain and Grow” strategy Fortune 500 businesses employ to stay on top – and how you can adapt it to wherever you work



The “IT Part” Of Being A CIO

In this section, we’ll answer the question: “How does an IT organization actually work?”

We’ll delve deep into all the models and processes needed to manage and govern an IT department.

Some of the areas we’ll cover are:

→ IT Governance and Enterprise Architecture
→ IT Strategy and Portfolio Management
→ Project Management and Product Development
→ IT Infrastructure and Cloud Services
→ Cyber Security and Service Management

And much, much more.

This is the most comprehensive part of the course, and it will give you key insights into how exactly an IT department works on both a high and low level.

You’ll discover:

👉 The 4 types of activities done in an IT department – and how each of them influences the company as a whole

👉 How leading IT professionals are using the “COBIT” framework to grow the company they work for (If you show this to your boss, I guarantee they’ll be impressed)

👉 The simple 7-step process for managing risk in IT. Following this process for problem solving will make your life infinitely easier

👉 Why efficiency and reliability are the end-all and be-all in IT security (If you don’t pay attention to these two, you’re setting yourself up for failure from the get-go)



Communication and Leadership Skills For Leveling Up In IT

This is the most important part of the whole “Ultimate IT Leadership” process.

Even if you know the business and the IT parts perfectly, you won’t be able to level up if you don’t have good communication and leadership skills.

That is why we’ll learn what it takes to effectively communicate with your co-workers…

And how you can set yourself apart as a leader – and not just someone who listens to other people’s orders.

You’ll discover:

👉 The “Four Tees” method for leveling up your skills in communication and leadership

👉 How to make people like and respect you – even if you’re currently not a great communicator or don’t like talking to people

👉 The “win-win” mindset for approaching any interaction with your co-workers

👉 The #1 factor all great leaders have in common. This works no matter who you work with or how big the team you’re leading



The Path to Becoming a CIO

All that is left now is mapping out your path to becoming a CIO.

You’ll find out which career level you’re on at the moment, and you’ll get the needed steps to move up from there.

You’ll discover:

👉 How to go from just meeting expectations to vastly exceeding them and becoming a CIO

👉 Is being certified a must? What credentials do you need to set yourself apart? Find this out and more in the final section of the course!

👉 The 4 Stages of Contribution Model for evaluating the next steps in your IT career

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Okay, now we’re at the part where you have a choice to make…

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You close this page and go on with your day. 

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But you need to consider…

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Which brings me to your next option…


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