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Is the "FastTrack IT Leadership Career" Program for You?

  • Are you an aspiring IT¬†leader with 10+ years of experience?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your career?
  • Do you want to become IT Director, VP¬†or CIO?
  • Do you want to learn top IT Leadership Skills?
  • Do you want to get recognized for next level promotion?
  • Do you want to make an impact as a technology leader?¬†
  • Do you want to gain Leadership Confidence and Mindset?
  • Do¬†you want leadership resume and interview tips?¬†¬†


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this special program for you.

The only program in the world that merges IT leadership skills with extensive career guidance, designed to fast-track your growth

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World-class curriculum crafted from the practical expertise of top IT leaders and executive education from leading universities.

  • CIO Skillset and Mindset: Sharpen your strategic,¬†project, produce and operational competencies from top IT Leaders.
  • MBA Level Insights: Leverage knowledge aligned with MBA-level content on leadership, management and innovation.
  • Executive Education: Incorporate cutting-edge strategies from leading universities' executive programs.
  • Industry-Proven Certifications: Gain insights from certification bodies such as ISACA, (ISC)¬≤, and The Open Group, including knowledge for CGEIT, CISA, CISSP, CISM certifications.
  • IT Frameworks Mastery: Explore established IT frameworks like COBIT, ITIL, TOGAF, IT4IT, PMP along Agile methodologies.

This comprehensive curriculum integrates key components from various authoritative sources

The only program in the world that merges IT leadership skills with extensive career guidance, designed to fast-track your growth

Are you ready to transform your IT leadership career to the top - IT Director, VP and CIO Roles? 

CIO Skillset 

Gain the top IT Leader skillset and mindset to manage Enterprise IT and build the business capabilities. Learn about IT Governance, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Service and Portfolio Management.

Leadership Skills

You will learn to lead people for efficiency and innovation and manage stakeholders and projects for effective outcomes. Develop the essential skills to foster a culture of respect and collaboration.

Business Acumen

Learn the business acumen and strategic frameworks to create and deliver value to customers and business partners. Drive organizational transformation by fostering innovation and efficiency with customer-centric culture, creativity and agility.

Strategic Mindset

Cultivate a strategic mindset that empowers you to navigate complex challenges and inspire your team. Learn to think and act strategically, making decisions that steer your team and organization towards success

Organizational Savvy

Gain the ability to expertly navigate the complexities of organizational structures. Learn to effectively connect, collaborate, and influence executives and stakeholders, leveraging your role for greater strategic impact. 

Digital Leader

With knowledge from the digital transformation and digital technologies course, you will act confidently to shine up. Lead transformational projects and make a lasting impact

Leadership Confidence

Enhance your leadership capabilities to drive efficiency and innovation. Acquire the skills to lead teams, manage stakeholders, and oversee projects, ensuring effective and impactful outcomes.

Leadership Career

Position yourself on the fast track to a next-level leadership career. Elevate your professional journey with advanced skill-building, strategic value contributions, and compelling storytelling that showcases your leadership narrative.

Why Struggle the Hard Way? Learn from a Proven Leader and Pave Your Path to Success

Meet Your CIO Mentor: Raj Polanki,

Empowering IT Professionals on Their Path to the Top Leadership

I'm Raj Polanki, the CIO leading digital transformation for a global manufacturing company's US division. My career, which started as an individual contributor, involved overcoming numerous challenges without much guidance.

Today, with 25+ years of experience, an MBA from Ross Business School, an Advanced Executive Certificate from MIT Sloan and a bunch of industry recognized certificates, my focus extends beyond driving technological innovation. I am not only a published author in Digital Transformation space but also a prominent keynote speaker, sharing my insights and experiences with a wider audience. 

I am passionately committed to mentoring IT professionals, leveraging my journey and insights to help them ascend to leadership roles. By doing so, I aim to empower the next generation of IT leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to drive change and innovation in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Get Unstuck With FastTrack IT Leadership Career Program 


Get Skilled

Acquire transformative, transferable leadership skills that define top-tier leadership and boost your confidence


Get Noticed 

Work smart, showcase your value, contribute strategically and build your brand to get the recognition you deserve 

Get Ahead 

Get that internal next level job promotion you deserved or explore external leadership jobs with proven strategies and tactics

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