Nine Step System for Ultimate IT Leadership

cio skills it leadership Sep 30, 2022
9 Step System for IT Leadership to become a CIO

Ultimate IT Leadership course is my new program that has three stages, each with three steps

1. The Foundation Phase:

  • First, we’ll utilize our IT Leader Role and Responsibilities system that helps our clients gain clarity on expectations of an IT Leader.
  • Then our unique Business Management process will ensure you gain clarity on business models, functions and processes.
  • The third step shows clients how to gain clarity on IT organization's purpose, structure and need for business alignment  using our IT Organization framework.

2. The Technology Management Phase

  • The IT Plan - Strategy and Portfolio step will help us gain leadership language of strategy development and portfolio management that works like gangbusters!
  • The core mechanism for ensuring our clients can Learn IT build practices with project management, product development and vendor management is our IT Build - Project and Products system.
  • The last step in the Technology Management is to customize our IT Run - Services and Operations framework that clients implement to Learn IT Leadership practices on IT Operations and Services including ITIL Framework, Cloud Migration and Cyber Security each and every day like clockwork!

3. The Leadership Path Phase

  • Once we have your Foundation and Technology Management in place we’ll kick off the Leadership Path stage by building your Self-Mastery  system that helps our clients Learn to be accountable, productive and efficient with clarity from current state to target state fast!
  • Next up: Put in place our Human Skills process - our unique model for helping our members learn leadership skills to manage, collaborate, lead and influence other people.
  • The final step of our Ultimate IT Leadership training course is to ensure all of our clients are able to improve readiness, show value and realize opportunities to the top using the Path to the Top system.

This nine step system has been refined, tested, and proven to help dedicated people like you rapidly increase their career growth without frustration, tech overwhelm or confusion.   If you have any other questions about Ultimate IT Leadership, feel free to respond     

You are not alone in your IT Career journey.

Join us to grow together to the top.

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