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Strategy Language for IT Leader

Learn the leadership language and showcase you are ready for the IT Leadership Job or promotion you deserve

  • Strategy is a language of leadership, and you will understand the top-down view of the Strategy and how it impacts project portfolios.
  • Understand the difference between Strategy vs. Tactical vs. Operational and how Strategy development differs from day-to-day operational work.
  • Learn about VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world we live in and how challenges influence organizations to develop strategic initiatives.
  • Learn about how business strategy cascades to IT Strategy and turns into Project portfolios and how Strategic management differs from Project Management.
  • You will see seven powerful questions which can be asked for any business transformation or technological initiative.
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Lead Strategic Business Transformation Projects

Crush Your Next Project Discussion with Powerful Questions and Surprise All With Your Leadership Insights

  • Learn to Sound Smart and Sound Strategic with Powerful Questions for any project
  • Understand the influencing factors for any business transformation
  • Lead and influence teams with productive discussions
  • Surprise All With Your Leadership language and Insights
  • Gain the Strategic vision of any business transformation intiative or major project
  • Learn to apply strategic dimensions - Technology, Finance, Risk, Stakeholders
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Data Analytics for Managers

Data Management and Analytics knowledge will help you shine and get the recognition you deserve by your leaders.

  • Learn about Big Data and 5 V's that makes it Big data
  • Learn Data Architecture including purpose of data warehouse / data lake
  • Gain knowledge of Data Management including data life cycle and data governance
  • Learn about the importance of data visualization and dashboards for Business Intelligence
  • Learn about the types of Analytics - Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Learn about what makes a company data-driven with use cases and maturity model
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Learn from a CIO 

Take Control of Your Career Trajectory from an Individual Contributor to an IT Manager to IT Director to a CIO.

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Ultimate IT Leadership Training - Signature Master Course

($1200 value) 

The Ultimate IT Leadership is a unique training course that helps IT Professionals, Managers, and Consultants improve their technology, management, and leadership skills in 90 days without frustration, tech overwhelm, or confusion so they can become an IT Leader / Director / CIO
  • Signature Course with more than 10 hours and 75 sessions content
  • Foundation phase with IT Leadership role and responsibilities for business and IT Organization
  • Technology Management with IT Plan (Strategy and Portfolio), IT Build (Projects and Products) and IT Run (Services and Operations)
  • Leadership Path starting with self-mastery and human skills and then ends with path to the top steps
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Learn From a CIO

Save more than 5 years in your career journey to the top.

Many professionals have an aspiration to climb up the ladder, but only a few make it to the top because this is not an easy journey. Future CIO Club helps with the needed tools, lessons, community and coaching.

Improve your value wherever you are working

You will increase your value immediately by improving your readiness and value contributions. Along with technical skills, you need business skills and human skills in this journey.




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